Cosmetic Dentistry

As our age progresses, the distance between the chewing surface and nose is shortened due to wear and erosion of teeth over time. Lines occur on the upper lip edge. Marionette lines that run from the nose to the jaw edge become clearer. Our cheeks move downward as an effect of gravity. All of these changes continue slowly but steadily, and become increasingly evident with time. We can make your teeth stronger and younger with our Aesthetic Dental Laminates and Whitening Treatment, also counteracting above occurrences. We are able to recover your desired smile with Aesthetic Porcelain Laminates and Veneers.
Laminates are very fine grained porcelains that are permanently affixed to the surface of the front teeth with very limited grinding of the teeth surface. In some cases we do this application without even touching the natural tooth. Discoloration (from antibiotics, fluoride, genetic disorders etc.), split teeth, old and colored fillings, deformity, broken or eroded teeth (Bruxism) can all be restored with Laminates. Despite being pretty slim, Laminates are capable of giving natural beauty and function to teeth with their tough and durable structure and their non-perishable colors. Before initiating Laminate Treatment, a special Mock-up Model is prepared according to measurements taken from the patient’s teeth and mouth, where we define the restoration type by applying the measures on this model. Then we check the model orally. So before having any Dental Operation, our patients decide the shape and color of the Laminate by seeing them orally. After this preliminary proofing, teeth are prepared for Laminate Veneers and teeth measurements are made. Laminates are then smoothly placed into your mouth in the next session. With this method, you have a healthy and aesthetically appealing smile within one week. Laminated teeth can last a lifetime provided good oral care and regular dentist visits.
The tooth surface cleaning is the most frequently applied method to remove discoloration, and achieve brightening of the teeth. It should be done at least once a year to preserve healthy teeth and gums, and spot tooth and gum problems. We treat stains and discoloration from cigars, cigarettes, coffee and tea in half an hour. For those who prefer to make their teeth naturally whiter, we apply a Bleaching Process. We can Whiten the color of teeth with a Special Teeth Whitening Device by 5 to 10 color tones. Bleaching is Natural Whitening of Teeth Color. With this treatment we do not apply any procedures that lead to material loss or painting the teeth. Therefore, it cause no harm to the teeth. The system is applied as follows: Tooth emilly structure consists of interconnected channels. Teeth continuously absorb fluid orally through these channels. Since our nutrition mostly consists of colored foods and drinks, teeth become darker over time. The colored fluid in these channels is forced out and replaced with colorless liquid in the Bleaching Process. You can picture this process as cleaning of contaminated pipes. We recommend staying away from all colored food and drinks for 48 hours following this process, as teeth then absorb oral fluid to a maximum degree. Food and beverages such as tea, coffee, red wine, cola and soy sauce as well as smoking must therefore be avoided during those first 48 hours.
Bonding Application is an easy and inexpensive treatment, hardly impacting your teeth. We use special filling materials manufactured for this method. The application is an alternative treatment to Porcelain Laminates. We use them for correction of small deformations, the elimination of discoloration, and for filling the gaps between teeth. This practice is rarely done with Anesthesia. First the tooth surface is roughed up with special methods so that bonding material can stick robustly on the surface. Then the bonding material is placed on the tooth surface and hardened with UV light. Subsequently, the material is polished smooth. Provided regular visits to your dentist is made every 6 months or so, it is a long-lasting application.